All About Me!

If you are reading this – Welcome to Memories and Such. Thank you for taking time to read this. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in me!

I’m a mom, a wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and a person in my own right. This is my story….

I’m a 30 something woman who lives and works in Singapore with my husband ‘S’, and fraternal twins BoyBoy aka BB and GirlGirl aka GG. BB is my boy who is a typical boy who loves anything to do with machines, specifically cars and to a smaller extent planes. He used to want to be a pilot earlier, but now has decided on being a car designer. GG is a typical girly girl who loves the colour pink and has not yet decided what she wants to be when she grows up. She used to want to be a doctor, but now that she understands how difficult it is to get admission to medical school, she is trying out different things in her head before she makes up her mind.

I work currently on a flexible working arrangement. What actually happened that when I interviewed for this position, they could not afford the salary I had asked for and since I was toying with the idea of working a shorter work day to get back home to BB & GG and supervise their studies, I decided to take a cut in pay in order to work till 3 pm. Update: Since February 2012, I have been a SAHM, but now am seriously thinking of rejoining the workforce. I’m keeping options open so that this time, I work on what I want to do…

I used to blog in Blogspot some years back, but for whatever reason, never really wrote regularly. I guess I used to feel the pressure of writing a long post eah time. Then somedays back I read something about blogs being a ‘digital diary‘ and something about this resonated with me. So I decided to blog in WordPress instead. This will be a no pressure blog for me – even if it is just two lines, it will be allright.

This blog is going to be about things that are important to me – which may not be important to anyone else in the world! But that’s fine with me. I will write about my life – both personal and professional, my home, my kids, and just about anything that catches my fancy – it an be a news item, a web link, recipes or just plain jokes and quotes…

All the photographs and images in this blog are the my personal property unless explicitly stated otherwise. Please do not reproduce them without my permission.

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