2022 Week 03 Update

Namaskar and hello from Mumbai! I landed in Mumbai late last week after more than two years on what is my last trip to my childhood home. I am here to help my parents clear up the house they have lived together for fifty years and where my father and his parents and siblings have lived for more than seventy years and move them to their new home in a different state. My mother’s sister also stays in the same place they will be living in, so there’s some relief for me and my sister in case of any emergencies. The place is also equipped with a nurse on call 24/7 and in cases of medical emergencies, they have an ambulance that will take the patient to a nearby hospital with which they have a tie-up. Any trips after this to Mumbai will be as a visitor and one where I will either live in a hotel or someone else’s home. As my flight landed in Mumbai, I felt both happiness and sadness.

As the world is trying to battle COVID, today’s quote from Albert Einstein is so apt. Einstein says that amid every difficulty lies an opportunity. This is part of a larger quote attributed to him which says Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity. What this means is that when one is in trouble and difficulty, in the middle of problems, if we find the core of the issue we are facing, that will give us the key to that issue. It also means that when one faces challenges, one has a greater possibility of growth and understanding. If things are easy, one does not change one’s preconceptions or alter one’s view of life.

So take care and stay safe. I hope to remain safe and COVID-free during my time in India, so I can return home without any complications. Please get vaccinated if you still are unvaccinated and get the booster shots if eligible as this has proven to help with the virus.

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