Instagram Interludes

The other day, GG, BB and I were grumbling about not having taken any holiday for almost 18 months now and with even the border between Singapore and Malaysia closed to tourists, we griped about how we could not even drive down there for a quick holiday.

That brought back memories of two of our trips to mainland Malaysia – one to Langkawi when the children were about nine years old and then to Penang when we did a quick trip during their PSLE marking holiday, so when they were around twelve years old. Both times, though we flew into the cities, we rented a car there and were able to go where we wanted to which was so easy for us. So I went back to my photos and revisited these places in the hope we go back soon. Enjoy them as much as I did.

Langkawi Mangroves Tour
Langkawi Bridge
Somewhere in Langkawi where we stopped to take this photo
A stunning Thai temple we found in a detour
An Indian temple next to the Thai temple against a stunning backdrop
The E&O Hotel in Penang where we stayed
View of Penang from Penang Hill
One of Penang’s iconic street art
Another view from Penang Hill
Another street art in Georgetown, Penang

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