2021 Week 18 Update

I got vaccinated with the second dose this week and I am happy that both S and I are relatively safe. I need to wait for two weeks to be safer. During this dose, I did not feel any pain immediately after the vaccine was injected and during the rest of the day. I did feel a mild headache in one side threatening to come, but I headed it off with a Panadol and some rest. That night, I started feeling sore in the arm where the vaccine was injected and also another round of a headache, which I again treated with a Panadol. The soreness persisted the next day and today I am perfectly fine. Again this is my experience which would be completely different from others.

India’s misery continues to increase and though my parents are fully vaccinated, I still worry for them. No vaccine as yet is 100% effective against COVID and its variants. But while on one hand, you have India struggling, on the other hand, there are still pockets where weddings are happening, where crowds are gathering and where social distancing and masking are just words, something they know they should do, but don’t actually do. So this is very troubling and until and unless this is taken care of and people start becoming more civic minded, I don’t really see a huge downward trend in cases happening in India.

BB & GG are settling in their second year and are getting busy with school. Nothing much to update here.

Today’s quote is about goal setting. According to Zig Ziglar, it’s the process that one undertakes to achieve their goals that is more important that the goal itself. What we become while we achieve our goals is more important. This is more that just as steel becomes stronger while being forged, when we go about achieveing our goals, the universe forges us and come out stronger and a better version of ourselves.

That’s all from me this week. Stay safe people and get your vaccines as soon as you become eligible.

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