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The White Hindu – Ambaa

Is it possible for a non-Indian woman, an American of European decent, to be a Hindu?
Sometimes the religion that you’re born into isn’t the right one for you. What happens when the religion you fall in love with is one that traditionally does not accept converts? Both an ethnicity and a way of life, Hinduism is considered by many to belong only to Indians.

Ambaa, a white woman in America, forged her own path into Hinduism. Her spiritual journey through writing and connecting with others shows the power of pure religion to overcome the boundaries and separations of race and ethnicity.

Her story is a fascinating journey of a young woman’s struggle to find identity in the melting pot of America. There are more and more white Hindus and non-Indian Hindus every day. How do they make a place for themselves in one of the world’s oldest religions? Do they take on Indian culture and customs as well as religion? Or do they make it their own?

This book is for anyone who wonders:
Can we explore and connect to a religion that is not traditionally followed by our ancestors?
What does Hinduism look like through non-Indian eyes?
What is the importance or the place of spirituality in our lives?

The essays in this book, based on the popular White Hindu blog, explore a variety of the issues that non-Indian Hindus struggle with…

Is it possible to convert to Hinduism?
Why is Ambaa so concerned with skin color?
How important is culture in the practice of Hinduism?
What does polytheism really look like in practice?
This book is a collection of essays about culture, identity, religion, language, and humanity tracing one woman’s spiritual journey from defensiveness to peace.

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