Pinterest Humour: Hump Day

This week has been one of those when I can’t wait for Friday evening to come soon! And so when I realised that today was Hump Day, I started browing Pinterest for some Hump Day Humour and decided to share them with you. So here you go, a laugh to get you through the balance of the week until you can put up your feet on Friday!

Happy Wednesday! Friday is not too far away, so just hang in there!

Pinterest Humour

It’s the middle of the week and most of us are still working from home. Truthfully, there are quite a few days when I wake up in the morning, I need a few minutes to think what day of the week it is because each day looks and feels like the day before and the day before that. So I thought what better way to get past hump day than to do a post on all the funny memes on Pinterest. So see, read and probably have a small chuckle as you get on with your day and the week!