Instagaram Interludes

My favourite time of the day is during sunrise and sunset when nature puts out a show for us. During sunrises, the gradual lightening of the sky and the colour pop colours that eventually fade when the sun makes an appearance is something I can watch again and again. And then when the reverse happens in the evening, it’s amazing.

A few months back, when I was in Mumbai, helping my parents wrap up things, I used to walk in the terrace everyday, both mornings and evenings, during sunrise and sunset. Here are some of my favourite photos, almost all of them of the same location, because of well east and west. All the photos have almost no filter and were shot on my phone.

Instagram Interludes

Sunrises and sunsets fascinate me and wherever in the world I am, I try to capture nature’s canvas as best as I can. This is a throwback post to some of the awesome sunsets I’ve managed to capture….






New Delhi


Kuala Lumpur




Somewhere between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai