In My Hands Today…

The Two Week Traveller – Matthew Lightfoot

Born with an insatiable wanderlust and inspired by an addiction to travel writing, but restricted by the demands of a full time job, Matthew Lightfoot set out to explore the world using his annual holiday allowance.

The Two Week Traveller tells the tales of his adventures in almost 150 countries.

Often described as ‘one of those people that things just happen to’, he lives up to his reputation with a collection of humorous, hair-raising and thought-provoking travel tales that span the entire globe.

Being chased by rogue elephants and robbed at gunpoint by a stoned policeman; accidentally cycling down an airport runway and getting trapped in a voodoo ceremony are the type of activities Matthew Lightfoot gets up to on his holidays.

Inspiration for budget travellers, self-drivers, trip planners and anyone who loves to travel but also has to work. And everyone who understands that the journey is as important as the destination.

The Two Week Traveller. When a fortnight on the beach isn’t enough.

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