In My Hands Today…

Switcheroo – Olivia Goldsmith

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At forty, Sylvie Schiffer has everything: a gorgeous house, two perfect children, a successful husband with a lucrative business. Everything but what she wants most: passion and romance.

With the twins off to college, Sylvie thinks her marriage is about to bloom, until she discovers that her husband, Bob, is already seeding the garden–with a woman named Marla!

When Sylvie confronts Marla, she gets the shock–and inspiration—of her life. Except for ten years and fifteen pounds, she and Marla could be twins. But all is not bliss even for Marla.

Though she has the best of love–romantic presents, hot sex, candlelit dinners–she lacks the one thing she wants most: a husband of her own. Going beyond revenge, Sylvie hatches a brilliant, hilarious, and daringly outrageous scheme that just might fulfill both their wildest dreams…or leave them with nothing but two broken hearts.

In My Hands Today…

Insiders – Olivia Goldsmith

The best way to beat the system is from the inside.

Meet Jennifer – a smart, sexy woman who has broken through the glass ceiling to become a big-time trader in the world of high finance. When her boss is caught playing fast and loose with the regulations, Jennifer agrees to take the rap. After all, her fiance is a lawyer with the connections to get her off.

Instead, she ends up in a women’s prison; a world a whole lot meaner than Wall Street and where her designer clothes and fancy education count for nothing. She has to learn fast if she wants to survive and she does, once she is accepted by the prison’s top ‘crew’; a group of smart, strong, scary women led by tough lifer Movita and crazy Cher. These are women that Jennifer would never, ever, have befriended on the outside, but on the inside she soon discovers that working together is the only way out..