Poem: Music to my Ears


At work, almost as soon as I log into my laptop, I have my headphones on and start listening to music. The music I listen to is mostly Bollywood, with some fusion and shlokas thrown in. I have been adding to this collection for more than 10 years now and it just keeps growing! So this poem is because of this.




Music to my Ears


I plug in my headphones and start to move to the beat
Making sure I am still sitting in my seat

The rhythm starts slowly, building to a crescendo
My body starts to move, starts to glow

Suddenly realising that I am not at home but at work,
I temper my movements and start working to the tempo that is playing

The music fills my head, fills my soul
My work reflects the music I play, making me feel in control

My music fills my days, makes my day fly
Because of my music, my days make me not want to complain



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