Poem: Self-Discovery

A journey through life, I embark on this ride,
Exploring the depths of my soul and my mind,
A path that is winding, with twists and turns,
Where every step taken, my spirit burns.

I search for my purpose, my reason to be,
To find who I am and to set myself free,
From doubts and from fears, from the things that I hide,
To embrace all my qualities, both the dark and the light.

And as I journey on, I come to understand,
That self-discovery means taking a stand,
For my beliefs and my values, for what I hold true,
And learning to love myself, the whole me, through and through.

For with every step taken, with every breath drawn,
I uncover new pieces of myself that have formed,
A tapestry woven, of all that I am,
A unique and beautiful being, with a story to stand.

So I embrace this journey, with open arms wide,
For the destination of self-discovery, I will always abide,
For it is in knowing myself, that I truly find peace,
And a sense of belonging, that will never cease.

Poem: Seasons

The leaves fall gently to the ground
As autumn breezes swirl around
The trees stand bare, stripped of their dress
Nature’s beauty in a state of rest

The snowflakes dance and whirl in play
As winter takes its hold today
A blanket of white covers the land
A peaceful, quiet, winter wonderland

The sun begins to peek its head
As spring awakens from its bed
The flowers bloom and the birds sing
Nature’s symphony, a joyful thing

The heat beats down, the day is long
As summertime comes into song
The fields are green, the sky is blue
Nature’s bounty, a sight to view

Each season brings its own delight
A new chapter in nature’s rite
A cycle of change, a natural flow
Nature’s beauty, forever aglow.

Poem: Reflections of the Past Year

We’re winding down to a new year and this poem is about the reflections we usually do at this time of the year. What reflections have you done about 2022 and what are your hopes and aspirations for 2023?

Reflections of the Past Year

As the year winds down and the old start to give way to the new
Its time to take a break and look back on the year that just flew

Did everything go your way or was anything awry and absurd?
What went well, and what can be bettered?
Was there any learning this year?
Were you a better version of yourself this year?

2023 is that chance we get annually
To take stock and have another try, that’s the new year’s beauty
This year let’s do things differently,
Let us be grateful for what we have

Family and friends, work and play in perfect balance
In 2023, let our life provide us with that beautiful fragrance
Here’s hoping your life is the best one this coming year
One that brings with it all that you need and makes your troubles disappear

Poem: Happy Birthday

Birthdays are always special and when we were younger, we used to wait months for our birthdays. Now as I grow older, birthdays are not as much anticipated as before, but the charm of a birthday will always be there.

This poem was written last month just before GG & BB’s birthday and is inspired by a meditation I did on my birthday.

Happy Birthday

It’s your special day today, it’s the start of a new year
it’s the day you took your first breath, lets the bells ring and cheer

Today is your birthday, you were born on this day
There is a reason for your birth, so write your life’s screenplay

Let us celebrate you today and appreciate your life’s canvas
The things you’ve done, that you still have in store, your life purpose

Each day brings with it a new opportunity
To do something good, to accomplish more and not live aimlessly

There is none else like you, you are unique and special
So surround yourself with your loved ones, and make this day blissful

Do today what you love and what makes you happy and celebrate you
Give yourself credit for your accomplishments and bid disappointments a huge adieu

Today on your birthday, may life bless you with gratitude, optimism and happiness
Count your days with smiles and dream big, every day of life being a bonus

May blessings, love and joy flow into your life forever
May all your dream come true, and your heart sets aflutter

Remember there will never be another you because you are you
Unique and special, loved and joyful, may you live a life that is fruitful

Happy Birthday and remember to live each moment to the fullest
This is your day so enjoy the attention and get fussed

Poem: A Life Without Colours

Colours play a huge role in our lives as, without colours, our world and life will be bleak and dingy. It has been scientifically proven that specific colours improve our mood and alter our emotions. But what if, one day, all colour disappeared from our world? This poem tries to understand how our lives would be in that situation.

A Life Without Colours

What would life be without colour?
A life that is bleak and grim
A life that is gloomy and dull
One in which the lights seem to be dim

The world as we know will be dull and dingy
Instead of the green of the grass and the blue of the sky
Instead of the bright colours of flowers and the sparkling depths of the sea
We would live in a world devoid of any hue as much as we may cry or sigh

Our eyes would never know the beauty on this planet
That which mother nature has endowed our world
The landscapes that are filled with flowers that sashay and strut
We would not be known as the blue planet, green and blue together swirled

Our lives will also mirror the lack of colour, becoming dull and blue
Butterflies will not be the bright jewels, a flower will be equal to a weed
Life will be monotonous, and so will our health which will be sad and true
We will plod through our life, waiting for it to end, like a wound that continues to bleed

I can’t imagine a life like this, in shades of black and white
Where the best colour I can hope for is a shade in between
This better be a nightmare I quickly awaken from tonight
And see the beauty around me in technicolour, the landscape and the scene