Poem: A Life Without Colours

Colours play a huge role in our lives as, without colours, our world and life will be bleak and dingy. It has been scientifically proven that specific colours improve our mood and alter our emotions. But what if, one day, all colour disappeared from our world? This poem tries to understand how our lives would be in that situation.

A Life Without Colours

What would life be without colour?
A life that is bleak and grim
A life that is gloomy and dull
One in which the lights seem to be dim

The world as we know will be dull and dingy
Instead of the green of the grass and the blue of the sky
Instead of the bright colours of flowers and the sparkling depths of the sea
We would live in a world devoid of any hue as much as we may cry or sigh

Our eyes would never know the beauty on this planet
That which mother nature has endowed our world
The landscapes that are filled with flowers that sashay and strut
We would not be known as the blue planet, green and blue together swirled

Our lives will also mirror the lack of colour, becoming dull and blue
Butterflies will not be the bright jewels, a flower will be equal to a weed
Life will be monotonous, and so will our health which will be sad and true
We will plod through our life, waiting for it to end, like a wound that continues to bleed

I can’t imagine a life like this, in shades of black and white
Where the best colour I can hope for is a shade in between
This better be a nightmare I quickly awaken from tonight
And see the beauty around me in technicolour, the landscape and the scene

Poem: Mountains

Many of us are drawn to the mountains. One reason could be that they have stood for aeons, and are probably as old as Earth itself. And it’s human nature to be drawn to that which is bigger and grander than us. So here’s a small poem which expresses what I think about mountains.

Poem: Mountains

They stand tall, straight and majestic
Like sentries, brooding and mystic, in a scenic land
The sight of which makes one homesick
Because the heart beats in a rhythm that is quick

The mountains seem alone as they stand
And pierce the sky and the clouds with a tip of ice
They dominate the landscape, farm, and land
In a scene that brings to life an alpine paradise

The mountains have stood like this for millennia and see
Wars, famines, droughts, and floods, they have endured it all
As silent spectators, they are witness to all sufferings and prosperity
They see all the comings and goings, and all of the human footfall

The mountains have stood here and will continue to stand
A watchman for the ages, silent, but alert
A huge and indelible part of our land
The mountains are part of every landscape, be it the plains or the desert.

Poem: Ode to a Saree

The saree is a timeless traditional Indian garment which is more or less worn across the country. Each region and state has their speciality and that’s what makes this garment unique. Multiple people will be wearing the same thing, but none of them will be the same. I love to wear sarees, but living outside India, I don’t have as many opportunities to wear them as much as I like. So here’s an ode to that six yards of grace and elegance.

Ode to the Saree

Six yards of pure joy and elegance
Graceful and flowing, full of brilliance
A symbol of a garment’s unwavering importance
Encapsulating the true Indian woman’s essence

Unstitched and long flowing, in multitudes of colours and fabrics
There is saree accounting for all tastes and pocket economics
The saree has stayed its course over centuries
Even today, every Indian woman has many of these beauties

There is a saree that represents every state and region that is a masterpiece
Craftsmen have spent years perfecting their skills and expertise
With embroidery, sequins, motifs, gold borders and intricate pallus
Many sarees have stories to tell, but only if you are not too obtuse

From the Kashida of Kashmir to the Muga of Assam
From Gujarat’s Patola to Tamil Nadu’s Kanjivaram
The saree is even today essential in every bride’s trousseau
The outfit guaranteed to bring out that very special glow

Modest and sexy, feminine and demure
It’s all in the drape you see, that special allure
Timeless in fashion, ancient, yet contemporary
No wonder the saree is a style statement always in trend

Poem: My Backpack

After reading my poem about my phone, one of the blog’s readers reached out to me asking if I could write a poem about a backpack. If you are reading this Akshitha, then this one is for you.

My Backpack

A faithful friend, a loyal companion
My backpack, you are the chosen one
You protect my valuables and possessions
In any weather, under any circumstances

In school, you were enormous and more often than not a burden
Filled and bursting with books and notes, typed and handwritten
Then in college, you were filled with gadgets and gizmos
Books were now secondary, these were my main cargoes

Then I grew up and started using you for work
You held my precious laptops and electronics
I made sure you were protected, else I would go beserk

You became my trusted travel buddy
Always with me on every spree
Busses, Trains or Planes, you were always by my side
My friend, my hero, my pride

I dread the day when you will no longer be with me
When I can no longer use you, I will be very blue
The day when you will be torn and unusable
Is when I send you off and hope your replacement is your equal

My backpack, my friend this is the truth
You have seen me in all my glory, from my childhood to my youth
I will miss you, but life goes on
A new backpack will come and begin a new dawn

Poem: Mondays

I usually love Mondays, because it’s the start of the new week and a chance to do everything right. So this poem, written on Monday, no less, and posted on another Monday, shares that enthusiasm for a day that is not generally loved by everyone.


I woke up before the alarm goes off and jumped
All ready for this week to start
It’s a Monday morning and I am pumped
I get a rush of adrenaline, there’s exhilaration in my heart

I love the start of a new week
It’s the chance to rewrite your week on a clean slate
The time to create a new to-do list and maybe become a tech geek
This is the time to complete your tasks and clear your plate

And if Monday is the start of a new month and even better, a new year
That’s something that doesn’t occur frequently, so when it does
Make sure you are productive and start your week, month or year on a cheer
And when the day’s tasks are done, you end it on a high note and a buzz

So all those who get the Monday blues
Have a positive attitude and your Mondays will soon be pink
Full of energy and vitality, you live the life you choose
So maybe it’s time to revise attitudes, time for a rethink

So your Mondays are as good as your weekends
And your week runs past with productivity and flies away
With cheer that gives multiple dividends
Smiling and cheerful, you then look forward to the new Monday just a sleep away