Poem: My Cup of Coffee

Most of us start the day with a cup of coffee in various forms. I started drinking coffee fairly early, perhaps around the age of six or seven. I hated drinking milk and it used to be a huge production when I was young to make me drink my milk. I think my mum and grandma gave in around age six or seven and I started drinking coffee. The love affair with the drink started then and has not waned over the years. I’ve tried different variations and have now decided black coffee is my favourite, followed closely by the filter coffee made by my mum!

My Cup of Joy – Coffee

I wake up when the alarm rings
And make my way to my kitchen
Where my cup of steaming coffee awaits me

I sit and contemplate the dark drink
Think about my day and how it will wing
A cup of coffee is the perfect aid
To contemplate my views about my world

To sort out how my day will fare
To clear any kinks in the air
A cup of coffee in the afternoon
Is the best solution to the dreaded 3 pm slump

And then there’s the time
A cup of coffee in your hand
A friend by your side
And the hours just slide away

As you can see, I love my coffee
It can be any blend, but has to be black
A cup of coffee makes my day and world
Just seem a tad better, as we all know

2 thoughts on “Poem: My Cup of Coffee

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