2020 Week 16 Update

In the last week, Singapore’s Covid-19 postive cases have exploded, especially among the foreign workers who live in worker dormitories.In the last week alone, we have had nearly 4,000 positive cases, almost all of whom are the foreign workers. This is really bad, but was something we should have expected, given the conditions they live in. They live in dorm rooms, sometimes upto 20 people in a single space with not much space to really do social distancing. Many of the dorms have been designated as isolation centres and the government is actively testing here.

We are now in day 12 of the circuit breaker and this was when we were expected to see a significant drop in positive cases, but because of the surge in cases from foreign workers, it is actually quite disconcerting and worrying. I feel maybe the government may not life the circuit breaker on May 04 and we may have another few weeks of the same. This circuit breaker is expected to cost the Singapore economy S$10 billion according to one estimate. But the human life is more than this, right? So life goes on. Because of my diabetes, I rarely venture out, with S and the children running errands which need to be done. We also put on a face mask every time we get out of the house and not doing this has now become punishable offence.

The children start school from tomorrow after almost five months of holiday! They will be doing e-learning at least in the first instance till May 04 or until the government gives the green signal for educational instutions to reopen. It’s going to be a bit hard for them as they don’t know their classmates and teachers and will only see them later in the term or even only next semester if it comes to that!

I have restarted meditation and found an app which was giving out a year’s worth of free meditation lessons, which I signed up for. This is really helping me in the short term and I hope to make meditation a part of my daily routine by the time my free trial ends next April. I am also reading more than usual and make it a point to have a hard stop every day so I can read. Another thing which I started doing is signing up for webinars and online classes and again this is something I want to do even after the situation becomes better.

Later today, my school classmates are going to have a video call. We have not seen each other for ages as we are spread all over the world and holidays don’t always match. So we are doing this call across continents and countries and hopefully this will be something we do more frequently moving forward!

Stay home, stay safe and lets ride this all together!

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