2022 Week 31 Update

We’re in the eighth month of the year and it’s time for my usual updates.

Since the beginning of last year, I’ve walked a total of 4,650 km and after crossing the chicken’s neck and the state of West Bengal, I entered the state of Bihar and at the end of July was about 200 km from the state capital of Patna, which I will anyway not be touching. I am about 2000 km from my home in Mumbai and about 3200 km from my parent’s new home in Bengaluru, both of which I will not be able to reach this year.

About my reading, I have read about 55% of my 2022 reading goals, and this month I read 10 books which is probably a record for me in a long time. I guess the type of books I read determines how much I read in a month and in July, I read some books which reeled me in and didn’t allow me to rest until I had finished them.

This week’s quote is from the self-help author Stephen Richards. According to Richards, the only time one fails is when one falls and stays down. What this means is that when we fall, we should not think that this failure is what we deserve and we stay that way. What we should do instead, is after falling, we should get up, dust our hands and start anew. Life is full of small misfortunes and there is perhaps no one in this world who can coast through life as if on a gilded cloud. All of us have setbacks and failures at some point of time in our lives, but the mark of a true survivor is someone who battles these setbacks and comes back stronger.

And on this note, stay strong, never succumb to setbacks and be careful, we are still not out of the woods.

2022 Week 30 Update

Another month bites the dust and we are closer to the end of 2022 than we are to the beginning of the year. The last seven months seem to have flown by and many would have started their planning for 2023.

Earlier this week, the World Health Organisation (WHO)  declared Monkeypox a global health emergency and has activated its highest alert level for the growing outbreak. This means that WHO now views the outbreak as a significant enough threat to global health that a coordinated international response is needed to prevent the virus from spreading further and potentially escalating into a pandemic. More than 18,000 cases of monkeypox have been reported across more than 70 countries so far this year, and the number of confirmed infections rose 77% from late June through early July, according to WHO data. As if COVID-19 was not enough, this is one more potential pandemic waiting to be unleashed upon us. Europe is currently the global epicentre of the outbreak, reporting more than 80% of confirmed infections worldwide in 2022. Because monkeypox is not a new virus, there are already vaccines and antivirals to prevent and treat the disease it causes, though they are in short supply.

In today’s quote, American actress and singer, Judy Garland who is best known for playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz tells us that we should always be a first-rate version of ourselves, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. What this means is that we need to work on achieving a clear sense of our own identity to create clarity for us and those around us, for who we are and what we stand for. This will help create the principles and boundaries that help to take control of our destiny. Being a first-rate version of ourselves builds resilience and helps us to respond appropriately when we encounter situations that we are uncomfortable with. It provides us with an anchor when we feel lost or overwhelmed. We can then strive to be the best we can be in the knowledge that we have the basic template in place that works for us. We may be influenced and learn from others, but we don’t live their lives and their world is not our world and so we can’t live an authentic and positive life unless we live our version.

BB & GG are busy with school and internships. GG finishes her internship this week and then she will start her holidays. BB interviewed for an internship slot earlier this week and I am hoping he gets it because the role is something he is interested in. Otherwise, he will do a final year project with one of his lecturers. I am hoping he gets the internship as there will be more real-life learning there as compared to the project. And on that note, have a wonderful week and stay masked and stay safe.

2022 Week 29 Update

It’s the end of another week and things are pretty much the same. Covid cases seem to be increasing in Singapore, especially of the newer omicron subvariants, known as BA.4 and BA.5, that account for about 30% of new Covid-19 cases recently. I wonder when we will ever go back to some semblance of normal. And I feel like a broken record saying this all the time, but what can we also do? Everytime we think we are over the hill, a new obstacle comes up and we take one step forward and two steps back.

Today’s quote is courtesy of one of my favourite authors, especially for children, Roald Dahl. This quote is part of a larger sentence which goes like this:

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl

Magic was very important to Dahl who believed it to be transformative and provided a way out of a difficult situation or an escape from a dull or harsh reality into a stranger, more exciting world. Acording to Dahl, it is all about using the eyes. If we closely at something and observe minutely, it’s amazing what wonders will pop up and that true magic often begins in minute observation.

There’s nothing to update about BB & GG as they are busy with school and internship and nothing has changed since last week. Work-wise, I am also at the same place, though I am hustling for new clients, but nothing has happened that as well. I am still hopeful that something will change and soon.

And on that note, please continue to remain safe and stay masked.

2022 Week 28 Update

Today’s quote comes to us from the Roman emperor from 161 to 180 and a Stoic philosopher, Marcus Aurelius Roman emperor. He was the last of the rulers known as the Five Good Emperors, and the last emperor of the Pax Romana, an age of relative peace and stability for the Roman Empire lasting from 27 BC to 180 AD. Aurelius tells something so basic, yet so profound. He tells us that our life’s happiness depends on the quality of our thoughts. So when we think happy thoughts, the quality of our life automatically increases because we become positive internally and this shows up in our thoughts, deeds and actions.

The cold I had a couple of weeks back is still lingering and I am unable to rid of the cough that is remaining because of slight chest congestion. And this is making me cough as if I have something very serious, especially at times. Not every day, but enough times to make it concerning. I am going to give it a couple of days more, and then go and see a doctor if it persists.

BB & GG are as usual busy with school and work and their lives are going on as usual. GG wanted to extend her internship and though her manager wanted to, apparently the company has too many interns now so GG gets a nice long holiday before she starts her final semester at school. BB’s school did not have enough internships to go around, so he will be doing a final year project in school itself.

Covid cases have been increasing in Singapore and though it is worrying, I guess we’ve become immune to it now. Life goes on and life is slowly getting back to a new normal. I guess in a few years, this will be our normal and those of us who lived through the past two or three years will refer to life as pre and post covid. Will this be the defining moment of our generation? This remains to be seen as those of us in our thirties and more have seen many such moments and it seems to be seen which will be considered as the moment of our lifetimes.

Continue staying safe and get the boosters if you are eligible to because they work.

2022 Week 27 Update

Today’s quote is from the Buddha who tells us that we become what we think. This is the core meaning behind the law of manifestation where what you think deeply about manifests in your life. And I think I needed this quote this week because of certain things that are not going my way in my life. I need to be more positive and try to manifest better things in life.

Our lives are as usual and BB and GG are busy with school and work. They both fell sick this week, most likely I passed my flu to them. Because they need to get a doctor’s note to miss school and work, they went to the doctor who ruled out COVID after an ART test. BB also got an ear infection, but both are better now and will go back to school this week.

We also have a public holiday tomorrow due to Hari Raya Haji or Eid al-Adha, the second and biggest of the two main holidays celebrated in Islam. It’s nice to have a long weekend and after this one and National Day next month, we will have our next public holiday in October for Diwali.

Singapore’s Omicron wave has peaked and cases have started to fall, but we are still not out of the woods yet. We need to continue to be vigilant and stay as safe as possible. And on that note, have a wonderful week and talk soon!