2020 week 18 Update

Singapore is done with four weeks of the circuit breaker and we head out to another four weeks from tomorrow. Cases, esepcially from the community and those from the dorms have reduced slightly and as of last night, we were at about 17,500 cases in total.

The children are done with week 2 of their home based learning and things are heating up slightly. One is always studying and the other barely bothers. When asked, says that they have done their work. S and I are sometimes flabbergasted that both are studying in the same year in poly, albeit in different polys and studying different subjects.

Otherwise things are the same day in and day out. Some days, when I wake up in the morning, I need to think for a few seconds before I figure out which day of the week it is. I am also attending some free webinars which is interesting and work is going on.

Life as we know it will be completely different once the world recovers from the panademic. This time has shown everyone that working from home is possible and people can be productive even at home. I am hopeful that once things start to go back to normal (or as normal we it can be), employers will be more receptive to people’s reasons for working from home.

Stay home and stay safe people!

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