Poem: The Rainbow

World over things are getting slightly better, but we are still not out of the wood yet. There will be a new normal when things start going back to normal (or as normal as it can be) and the world we know would have changed completely. This panademic is a defining moment for all of us. Yet, in all this misery, we have seen moments of hope, resilience and how far the human spirit can go.

A rainbow has been seen for centuries as a symbol of hope, a promise from the greater power that things will get better

The Rainbow

When things seem to be at rock bottom,
When you feel broken and numb,

When nothing in life feels like it is going your way
When you feel bound, sad and gray

That is when you step outside to get some fresh air
To think, to feel and maybe say a little prayer

Then you look up and see the aftermath of the rain
The sun peeking out of the clouds and the you feel hope ignite within you again

You see the sky light up in a huge smile, you see a rainbow,
And you know that things will be fine, your face now has that glow

Follow that rainbow, follow your deepest wish,
You will get there one day, your life’s race will reach the line that says finish

The symbol of hope, of a new beginning
This rainbow is a sign that will make your heart sing!

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