2020 Week 34 Update

It’s the end of another week and this time of the year I miss Mumbai a lot. The Ganesh festival is currently ongoing and though it will be a very muted affair in my hometown this time, usually it is huge and celebrated with lots of pomp and pageantry. I was actually telling my helper R that it’s been 20 years now that I have been part of the celebrations and wanted to go perhaps this year since BB & GG are more or less independent now, but this didn’t happen this year, so hopefully I can make this happen in the near future.

Also, since my parents are getting old and are finding it increasingly hard to manage living alone, they are now seriously contemplating moving to a home for the eldery. This place is in the south and my mum’s sister has also recently moved there. She has another cousin who also has a place there and may shift there sooner or later. This means that once they move, I won’t be able to travel to Mumbai again since my main reason to go to India is to visit my parents. Anyway, there’s time for all this to happen, it will not happen instantaneously, so I am going to take it as it happens.

Anyway, things are slowly opening up more in Singapore with the government relaxing more rules and allowing passengers from certain countries to enter the country without having to undergo the mandatory fourteen day quarantine period. I am a bit hopeful that things will get better, but we have to continue to maintain our vigil to make sure that things don’t go down south again.

The children have started their exams and last week BB had an exam which started at 6:30 pm. He was only home around 9:30 after the exam ended around 8:30 pm! That day I realised that probably he is getting more and more independent and I have also loosened the strings to a very large extent. But as a parent, it is hard, something that I am trying to do.

This was our week’s update. Stay safe people and remember to mask up when you you are out of your safe space, which for most of us are our homes!

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