2020 Week 42 Update

The children start school tomorrow and while BB has in-person lessons this semester, GG has to contine with mostly home based learning. I think she goes back to school once a week for tutorials and otherwise school and CCA will be done remotely.

Singapore has been having single digit cases for a few weeks now and after a very long time, we heard that there are currently less than 100 active cases, with 30 in the hospital and none in the intensive care and about 59 in community isolation facilities. We had our 28th fatality last week and the total number of cases here now stands at close to 58,000.

The United States and India are on a race to probably see who can hit 10 million cases and first. But jokes aside this is seriously very scary. I have a large extended family in both countries and many of them fall into the vulnerable category and seeing this kind of statistics make me worried for them and their health.

My parents are seriously planning to move to a retirement home, but because the situation in India and specifically Mumbai is not getting any better, this plan has been postponed till sometime next year when things get better. Hopefully things get better and soon and they can make their move and get on with their lives. It’s been six months or so since they have left the house and though my mother does go down to buy fruits and vegetables, the most my dad goes is to the building terrace for a breath of fresh air. This is not really healthy and another source of worry for me and my sister.

I am really hoping one of the pharmacutical companies who are now doing clinical trials for a vaccine for Covid-19 become successful soon and a vaccine is released soon. I understand the elderly and the vulnerable will be given preference and so hopefully we will allow the elderly to go out and about with precautions.

Stay safe and stay masked people!

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