Poem: Tomorrow

A lot of us like to put to tomorrow what we can do today. But what is tomorrow? Some time back, while walking, I started pondering about this question and this poem started to take shape.


What is today, but yesterday’s tomorrow?
What is tomorrow, but today’s tomorrow?

Tomorrow is a word infused with hope
Truth or false, maybe in your horoscope?

As a child, tomorrow felt so far away
Especially when tomorrow is your birthday
It seemed that tomorrow would never come
But when it came, it was today, oh what a conundrum

As you grow older, tomorrow seems to alter
From anticipation, it changes to become a chore
Deadlines and work become important
And then tomorrow is something you wish
Doesn’t come soon and becomes more distant

At the end of the day, as you know
Tomorrow is just another day, make it your maxium
So my advice to you is to just go with the flow
And know that tomorrow is always there in the distance, it just never comes

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