2020 Week 47 Update

This week has been not as productive as I hoped it would be. I have been sitting on something for more than two weeks now, but because of the week leading to Diwali and then me not being as productive as I would have loved to be this week, the end is near, but I have not yet gotten there! Hopefully, I am able to pull up my straps this week and get things done.

While the world is watching the real reality show that is the US Presidential elections, the number of cases have exceeded 57 million with no real end in sight. Many countries and regions are reporting second, third or even fourth waves and I am sure everyone is waiting with bated breaths about the news of the vaccines by many pharma companies.

The United States has crossed the 12 million mark in cases and India is in spitting distance of the 10 million mark leaving the third highest hit country Brazil far behind with just abouve 6 million cases. In Singapore, yesterday, for the 11th day in a row, we have not had any local community cases. All reported cases, mostly in the single digits, have been imported cases from travellers into Singapore. Also the travel bubble which is supposed to start from today between Singapore and Hong Kong has been hit because of the new wave that has hit Hong Kong. As per the news yesterday, the two governments have postponed the first flight which was supposed to start today by two weeks to early December because of the new escalation of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong. This is certainly bad news for those who booked tickets to Hong Kong during the school holidays. Though I seriously wonder what they will do there since the situation is not that good and there are high chances they are just replacing their home for a tiny hotel room since HK real estate is so bad and room sizes are really small.

This was our update for the week, so be very careful especially in those places which are heading into the festive season. Be mindful of the elderly, the vlnerable and the immunocompromised in your family and stay safe! Remember to use masks to protect youself and those around you.

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