2021 Week 03 Update


Another week and this week brought hope to much of the world with the inauguration of the 46th American President and the first vice president who is not a woman, but also someone who is a minority, being of Indian and black parentage. Let’s hope this new president who is the de-facto leader of the free world is someone the world looks up to, though early signs are very positive.

As for us, last weekend was super hectic with a wedding in the extended family with multiple functions and it was a nice chance to catch up with family members whom we had not seen in a while and also wear our gorgeous Indian clothes which, because of being home for pretty much most of 2020 was stuck in the cupboards.

Singapore is seeing an upsurge of locally transmitted cases and with the Chinese New Year coming up soon, more restrictions have been placed on visiting relatives. The news world over is also not very good with the total number of cases in the spitting distance of 100 million, with the current cases standing at over 98 million with two million people dead. The USA has 25 million cases till date while India has over 10 million cases and Brazil at number three with nearly 9 million cases.

The children are at the end of their second semester of school and have started worrying about university admissions. BB screwed up his first semester and needs to really get his act together if he wants to get into university to a course of his choice after he completes his national service. I really hope this is the kick in the butt he needs, but we’ll know when the results for the semester are released.

And to reduce all the negativity floating around us, here’s today’s positivity thought

Anyway, stay safe and masked people and enjoy your weekend!

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