Poem: Friendships and Friends

A friend is someone who probably knows you better than anyone else and we all need a good friend. You don’t need many friends, but a few close ones will have your back come what may.

So here’s a poem to the good friends we all have in our lives.

Friendships and Friends

You have been with me through thick and thin
We’re so alike, we could be a twin

You hold me up when I cry and laugh with me when I am happy
We could be crying one day and on an another crazy laughing with glee

You are only a phone call away, even if we now live far away
Our lives are now separate, but our bond is still weighty

We can go months without being able to speak or meet
And then pick it all up in a heartbeat
Chatting as if those months didn’t happen
Meeting up and chlling out and having a lot of fun!

A friend is family whom you choose
They are there when you are feeling the blues
When life gives you lemons, they are right there
To make lemonade and grin at life together

Let’s raise a cheer to a good friend
To the one who raises your spirits like no other
A good friend is hard to find
So when you find one, cherish and hold them close

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