Poem: Morning Solitude

I love that time in the early morning when I am the only one awake. I use that time to drink my coffee peacefully, plan my day and practice mindfulness. The solitude of that time is so precious to me that I try to wake up at least 30 minutes before the rest of the household even on weekends and holidays! This poem is my take on what solitude means to me.

Morning Solitude

I wake up while the world is still dark
When the world is asleep awake like the lark
The darkness in the room comforting like in midnight
Backlight from the kitchen gently providing some sight

With a hot cup of coffee in my hand
I sit and contemplate my day, planned and unplanned
Think about my day, and plan my weekday
Inspiration strikes me too at this time of the day

Then its time for the favourite part of my morning
It’s time for my daily mindfulness practice
That’s what puts a zing to the morning
And makes my day flawless

And then what I fear daily happens
The rest of the household slowly awakens
People start walking into where I am, quiet as a tomb
Talking and chatting, brightening the room

The solitude I so desperately craved is broken
The peace I was enjoying is shattered
But that’s allright, I think to myself
Tomorrow will come soon enough

And then I will have a new hour of solitude
A new hour to chill and to brood
This daily solitude is super precious
One that I am unwilling to give up without a fuss

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