2021 Week 27 Update

This week BB & GG finally went for their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and with their our entire household is fully vaccinated. They took the vaccine on Friday afternoon so that any aftermath could be dealt with over the weekend and they would not have to miss school. BB had a bit of fever, but other than pain and soreness in the arm which was vaccinated, they escaped relatively unscathed.

This week’s quote continues to tell us that we need to be the attitude we want around us. If we want positivity, we should be positive ourselves. We need to be that what we want around us, we need to see what we are in others.

GG & BB have been busy with school and so this week has been pretty quiet. I have also been writing and walking and of course, working as usual. So in essence, life goes on as normal. Hopefully with more residents fully vaccinated, life can start moving back to a new semblance of normal. I have also heard that we would need booster shots sometime next year, so perhaps a year or so from when we would have taken the second shot, I suppose.

But the one thing I miss is the ability to travel, which I am sure many share the same sentiment! We will get there sooner or later, we just need to make sure we get vaccinated and persuade anyone we know who has still not been vaccinated and maintain proper social distancing protocols. So take care folks and stay safe!

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