Poem: There’s Something about a Baby

I love watching baby videos, I mean who doesn’t right. A few months back, I caught this documentary series on Netflix called Babies that explores the science that shows how infants discover life during their very first year. It was so fascinating, but what I realised that I was I kept smiling everytime I saw the babies onscreen. By the time I had finished this series, I knew I had to write this poem.

There’s Something about a Baby

There’s something about a baby
That brings a smile to the face
That pure laugh, that sense of glee
They quickly find a spot in your heart’s special place

Like an angel sent from above
They’re sent to fill your heart with love
To hold and to rock and cuddle and hug tight
To smother with kisses, day and night

There’s something about a baby
That brings forth all of your protective instincts
You want to keep them wrapped up and cozy
Safe from all of the world’s harm within the heart’s precincts

They fill your hearts and home with love and joy
So much so you wonder how you survived before them
Whether it’s a baby girl or baby boy
Their very existence becomes an ode, a poem

There’s something about a baby
That makes you want to guide, cherish and make them grow
Warm and huggable, soft and cuddly
To show them everything that you know

Babies are love, babies are a lovable bundle
Babies are our present, babies are our future
They are sent to us from above, they are our angels
Babies are what makes us who we are

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