In My Hands Today…

Mumbai Matinee – Ajay Kaul

Ajay – the protagonist, a new arrival to the city of Mumbai, is immediately captivated by its energy and business mindset. Coming from a politically centric North India, the dynamic Mumbai culture strikes a chord with him.

But just when he’s decided to make Mumbai his home, he has a close brush with death as the 1993 serial bomb blasts rock Mumbai. He is fazed and shaken, but the way the city bounces back, leaves an indelible mark on his psyche. He vows to come back to the city after graduation.

When he comes back, he becomes a part of Mumbai city’s vibrant and colorful circle of life. Strangers become friends like an inter faith couple who try to win over their estranged parents by laying a very creative ploy.

Shinde, an illiterate plant helper turns leader and seeks Ajay’s help to realize his lifelong dream for his village. Another time, his career growth plans receive a severe jolt after he gets robbed on his way home. In an unprecedented turn of events, he gets a fresh perspective into the thought process of the thieves and con artists of Mumbai.

As the Indian economy opens up, the cricket scene in Mumbai gets commercialized and brings new hope and opportunities for Milind, a simple boy from the suburbs.

Mumbai Matinee unravels the soul of the city of Mumbai – the vibrancy which keeps it on the move irrespective of the drama, the comedy or the tragedy that it witnesses through the course of its journey.

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