2022 Week 07 Update

I’ve been back in Singapore for a week now and this week, R, my helper went to India. She had already planned on the trip, but because her father suddenly took a turn for the worse, she decided to leave as soon as she could. But unfortunately for her, the day after she booked her ticket, he father suddenly passed away. She was distraught, but could not leave earlier because the airline didn’t fly daily and she needed to do PCR tests and other formalities before she leaves.

Luckily for her, when some of her relatives wanted to cremate her father immediately, her son, cousin and brother-in-law took a stand and kept the body in a morgue till she reached and the cremation took place the day after she landed in India. I felt sorry for her because she so wanted to meet her father and get her son married in his presence, but life had other goals for her. Now, she will come back after a couple of months once she gets her son married and settled. Until then, we are on our own. It’s a good learning period for all of us, especially GG & BB as they will learn valuable life skills in this period.

Speaking of whom, they are currently having their end of the semester exams which should end by the end of the month. GG will have a week’s break and then start her internship while BB gets to enjoy his holiday. His industrial attachment will be in his last semester before he gets called up to do his National Service. He has also gotten called up for his NS medical exam which will happen soon.

This week’s quote is about utilising opportunities and is credited to the American actor and comedian, Milton Berle. He reminds us that if opportunity doesn’t knock, we should build a door and do all that we can to ensure that we are available when the opportunity comes calling.

Stay safe everyone and talk soon! 

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