Poem: Happiness

What is happiness, I often ask myself
Is it the state of pure bliss or is it something else
When do we achieve happiness
Or is something elusive we hope to reach

How do we achieve happiness, I wonder
Will it be when are financially secure, or do we need more
Will it be when we have a happy life, or do we ask for more
Or will it be when we have everything, but then we still want more

When do we reach the pinnacle of happiness
What are our parameters for reaching that goal
Each one of us marches to a different beat
What’s happiness for me is pure misery for you

So let us all search for our definition of happiness
Be it small as a good cup of coffee to as big and elusive as a happy and peaceful life
Whatever that may be, may it bring you joy and peace
And you find that happiness every hour and every day

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