2022 Week 16 Update

Today’s quote comes to us from Henry Ford, the American industrialist, business magnate, founder of the Ford Motor Company, and chief developer of the assembly line technique of mass production. By creating the first automobile that middle-class Americans could afford, he converted the automobile from an expensive luxury into an accessible conveyance that profoundly impacted the landscape of the 20th century. Ford tells that obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off our goals. What this means is that when we are focused on the goal and has blinkers on, then when we take our laser focus off the goal, everywhere we see obstacles around us.

The week otherwise was mundane and slightly boring even. I have been writing a lot and have written blog posts almost every day this month and once I have a bank of posts, I want to focus on writing some fiction.

BB & GG are busy with school and work and we are all looking forward to the long weekend next week. We have a four day weekend because of May Day and Eid and the weekend includes a family function too where we can catch up with extended family. So that’s something to look forward to.

Just as the week came to an end, the Singapore government announced that it was clawing back on pretty much all restrictions from next week. This is such great news that everyone was celebrating. The DOSCORN level which had been Orange since February 2020 has now been dialled back to Yellow and to be honest, I have forgotten how life was pre-pandemic. All employees can return to the workplace and there is now no limit on group sizes. Mask-wearing will however continue to be required indoors, including on public transport, and optional outdoors. And for travellers, there is no need for a pre-departure COVID test if you are fully vaccinated and above 12 years. So travel is going to be more or less back to pre 2020 levels. This is exciting news…

That’s all from me this week. Take care and catch up soon.

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