Poem: Ode to a Saree

The saree is a timeless traditional Indian garment which is more or less worn across the country. Each region and state has their speciality and that’s what makes this garment unique. Multiple people will be wearing the same thing, but none of them will be the same. I love to wear sarees, but living outside India, I don’t have as many opportunities to wear them as much as I like. So here’s an ode to that six yards of grace and elegance.

Ode to the Saree

Six yards of pure joy and elegance
Graceful and flowing, full of brilliance
A symbol of a garment’s unwavering importance
Encapsulating the true Indian woman’s essence

Unstitched and long flowing, in multitudes of colours and fabrics
There is saree accounting for all tastes and pocket economics
The saree has stayed its course over centuries
Even today, every Indian woman has many of these beauties

There is a saree that represents every state and region that is a masterpiece
Craftsmen have spent years perfecting their skills and expertise
With embroidery, sequins, motifs, gold borders and intricate pallus
Many sarees have stories to tell, but only if you are not too obtuse

From the Kashida of Kashmir to the Muga of Assam
From Gujarat’s Patola to Tamil Nadu’s Kanjivaram
The saree is even today essential in every bride’s trousseau
The outfit guaranteed to bring out that very special glow

Modest and sexy, feminine and demure
It’s all in the drape you see, that special allure
Timeless in fashion, ancient, yet contemporary
No wonder the saree is a style statement always in trend

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