Poem: Mountains

Many of us are drawn to the mountains. One reason could be that they have stood for aeons, and are probably as old as Earth itself. And it’s human nature to be drawn to that which is bigger and grander than us. So here’s a small poem which expresses what I think about mountains.

Poem: Mountains

They stand tall, straight and majestic
Like sentries, brooding and mystic, in a scenic land
The sight of which makes one homesick
Because the heart beats in a rhythm that is quick

The mountains seem alone as they stand
And pierce the sky and the clouds with a tip of ice
They dominate the landscape, farm, and land
In a scene that brings to life an alpine paradise

The mountains have stood like this for millennia and see
Wars, famines, droughts, and floods, they have endured it all
As silent spectators, they are witness to all sufferings and prosperity
They see all the comings and goings, and all of the human footfall

The mountains have stood here and will continue to stand
A watchman for the ages, silent, but alert
A huge and indelible part of our land
The mountains are part of every landscape, be it the plains or the desert.

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