2022 Week 36 Update

Today’s quote is attributed to the polymath known as Omar Khayyam, known for his contributions to mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, and Persian poetry. This is excellent advice for all of us. What it means is that we need to find the now and revel in it. Life is nothing more than moments and we should not waste this moment by being anything but happy and feeling the joy of this moment. And this is something that nobody can or should tell us about feeling this joy and happiness, it should come from within us.

This week, the longest-reigning monarch in the world, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96 on Thursday 08 September.  Her son took over as the new King of the United Kingdom and is to be known as King Charles III. For many generations, she was the only Queen they have known, but I guess the death of her husband, Prince Philip last year may have hastened her death because I believe that when two people love each other very much and have a long marriage together when one passes away, the other pines for them and soon has not much will to live.

BB starts his final year project tomorrow and will have to start going to school daily. When I asked him about his project, he told me something, but I didn’t understand much about it and will try and learn more about it when he has had a chance to work on it some more.

That is all from me this week. Talk soon!

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