Poem: A Life Without Colours

Colours play a huge role in our lives as, without colours, our world and life will be bleak and dingy. It has been scientifically proven that specific colours improve our mood and alter our emotions. But what if, one day, all colour disappeared from our world? This poem tries to understand how our lives would be in that situation.

A Life Without Colours

What would life be without colour?
A life that is bleak and grim
A life that is gloomy and dull
One in which the lights seem to be dim

The world as we know will be dull and dingy
Instead of the green of the grass and the blue of the sky
Instead of the bright colours of flowers and the sparkling depths of the sea
We would live in a world devoid of any hue as much as we may cry or sigh

Our eyes would never know the beauty on this planet
That which mother nature has endowed our world
The landscapes that are filled with flowers that sashay and strut
We would not be known as the blue planet, green and blue together swirled

Our lives will also mirror the lack of colour, becoming dull and blue
Butterflies will not be the bright jewels, a flower will be equal to a weed
Life will be monotonous, and so will our health which will be sad and true
We will plod through our life, waiting for it to end, like a wound that continues to bleed

I can’t imagine a life like this, in shades of black and white
Where the best colour I can hope for is a shade in between
This better be a nightmare I quickly awaken from tonight
And see the beauty around me in technicolour, the landscape and the scene

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