Poem: Self-Discovery

A journey through life, I embark on this ride,
Exploring the depths of my soul and my mind,
A path that is winding, with twists and turns,
Where every step taken, my spirit burns.

I search for my purpose, my reason to be,
To find who I am and to set myself free,
From doubts and from fears, from the things that I hide,
To embrace all my qualities, both the dark and the light.

And as I journey on, I come to understand,
That self-discovery means taking a stand,
For my beliefs and my values, for what I hold true,
And learning to love myself, the whole me, through and through.

For with every step taken, with every breath drawn,
I uncover new pieces of myself that have formed,
A tapestry woven, of all that I am,
A unique and beautiful being, with a story to stand.

So I embrace this journey, with open arms wide,
For the destination of self-discovery, I will always abide,
For it is in knowing myself, that I truly find peace,
And a sense of belonging, that will never cease.

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