Poem: Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am but a reflection,
Of thoughts and experiences combined,
A tapestry of memories,
Woven into a single mind.

I am the laughter and the tears,
The triumphs and the fears,
The hopes and dreams that I hold dear,
And the secrets I keep near.

I am the sum of my past,
Of every joy and every pain,
The choices I have made at last,
And the lessons learned in vain.

I am a work in progress,
Ever changing, ever growing,
A mystery in the making,
A story that’s forever flowing.

I am the thoughts that fill my head,
The passions that burn in my heart,
The voice that speaks what must be said,
And the fire that sets me apart.

So who am I, you might ask,
A soul still searching for its name,
A journey that will always last,
With possibilities as vast as the sky and the ocean combined.

But one thing is for certain,
I am unique, I am me,
A composition of all that’s happened,
And the person I choose to be.

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