Poem: It is Darkest before the Dawn

The world world collectively has been in a depression for about a year now. Everytime we things things are getting better, it becomes worse. But with the world reaching herd immunity and many countries getting their people vaccinated, maybe things will get better. It’s possible we have not yet reached the darkest part of the night yet, when dawn will bring new hope to the world.

It is Darkest before the Dawn

When life throws you a curveball
When all you want to do is curl into a ball

That’s when you remember
It’s always darkest before the dawn

When you are steeped in despair
When all life needs is a prayer

You do realise that things can only get better
Things can only look up, life will be happier

The dawn brings a fresh ray of hope
Which mimics the hope that life gives you

When you hit rock bottom, there is just one way
And that’s the way up, life is not just grey

Get mentally strong, that’s the rule
Then life will not seem to be so cruel

A new day will dawn and things will get better
So much so, we will look back and wonder

Why we despaired and were sad and webegone
It’s so true when they say
It’s the darkest before the dawn

Poem: Hope

When life throws you a curveball, it is only hope that keeps our spirits alive.


When you are so sad and depressed,
When your world feels like it will end,

When you don’t want to leave your bed or room,
When you feel the world is against you.

Then like a little ray of hope, a small flicker which clears the gloom,
Like the flame of light that lights a room,
Like the tiny thread of happiness that clears your sense of doom.

The ray of hope that flows from the heart,
That which warms the ramparts of the heart.

That which makes the world a beautiful place,
That which makes your heart sing and lets it chase.

This is hope my friends, the emotion that lets life befriend
Hope that makes the world being something we can now comprehend