Spreading Some Positivity

It’s been six months now since we have been more or less confined at home and I was feeling a little down the past few weeks. So I decided to compile some quotes on positivity to cheer myself up and to tell myself that things will get better. Since it did lift my mood, I thought to share them with you too…

Positive Thinking

If you have been reading about me for a while, you’d know that for the past few months, I’ve not been very happy at work. My boss changed and the new guy who came in is not as positive about me as the previous one. I’ve been feeling very demoralized lately and in the past few weeks have been starting to look for newer positions.

In the midst of all this, I realized I needed some words of encouragement and started searching for some nice quotes to cheer me up. This one popped out and resonated with me.

I am one of those people who want to think positively, but immediately start thinking of what is the worst that can happen. It can be any situation; I veer between 100% and 0% with 100% being best possible outcome and 0% being the worst possible outcome. I really want 100% to happen, but am scared I will jinx myself, so start planning for 0%!

Reading the above quote made me think maybe my thinking is all wrong – what if I only had positive thoughts, will it make a difference? I read a couple of articles on the Power of Positivity and well, they all say the same thing which is that when you think negatively, your thoughts and emotions narrow your mind and focus on these negative thoughts. They do not allow you to see other, maybe better options which are also open and available. This is a basic survival instinct which has stayed on over the years, even though most of us don’t need it in day-to-day life these days.

On the other hand, having positive thoughts opens up your mind, allowing you to see more possibilities in life which actually allow you to have a broader view of life, one filled with more positive options.

For someone like me, who is not normally a positive person, to cultivate and increase positive thinking in our lives, you could think of anything that sparks these feelings. Or things like meditating daily for a few minutes builds mindfulness and a general sense of calm which will help with bringing forth the positive emotions when you need them. Writing daily, especially a positive experience daily will help reinforce that feeling; a daily gratitude book where you look for things that you are grateful for will also help. Another thing that helps is doing things you enjoy – whatever it may be – this helps you zone out and kick up those positive endorphins!

I’m glad I saw this quote and read the articles. I am going to seriously do this and what better day to start this than next Thursday which is Dusshera, the day of good and auspicious beginnings. I’m off on a holiday in the next two days and will spend the next 4-5 days mulling about this and when I am back the day before Dusshera, I will start by meditating a few minutes daily and also start a gratitude book. I am also going to talk BB & GG in trying this. This transition from Primary to Secondary school is the best to start such good practices which they should be able to do for the rest of their lives.
Hopefully, over the next few months, I will have a better mindset and my brain does the rest!

Here are some nice positivity quotes (more for me than you :-))

I like this one – I will choose happiness everyday!

Another great attitude to have in life!