Poem: Life’s Choices

Life throws choices at us all the time. We make choices almost every second of our day and sometimes these choices backfire on us. What is it about life’s choices that make it so hard to second guess?

Life’s Choices

You arrive at a converging path, wondering which road to take
Life gives you choices always, it has always been yours to make
Choose wisely and you will be blessed,
But if you make the wrong choice, you can make life a living hell

But that is the way life operates, choices abound at every stage
You have but to choose your path, on stage and off stage
It has always been your choice, you can be what you wish
Chained to tradition or free to choose, a winner to the finish

Sometimes you do need to take the road less travelled
It may be hard, you may be baffled
But when success kisses your feet
All those troubles seem trivial and your success that much sweet

So dream the most audacious dream you are able to
Then choose to make that a reality, you can do it, yes you
Today will pass soon, tomorrow awaits you eagerly
Rejoice and enjoy your choices, because that’s how the dice rolls!

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