Poem: Our Life Today

The situation with Covid-19 is a grim one in our world today. This poem came out when I started thinking about our world and how our new normal is completely different today as compared to just a few months back.

Our Life Today

The streets are empty, they are devoid of traffic
The stores are empty, there’s a sense of panic

People are hoarding goods and groceries
Toilet paper, canned goods, vegetables and cheese

Don’t be that person, purchase only what you need
Let there be enough supplies for everyone, don’t give in to greed

Stay home, stay safe, don’t get out unless absolutely necessary
Travel, friends and party, they will be there, please that’s a humble plea

Use technology to keep in touch, there are many options available
Use them to the fullest, be nimble and agile

In all this, don’t forget to thank our heros of today
Our healthcare, frontline, retail and delivery workers who are all in the fray

Playing a huge part in trying to contain and find a that Covid-19 cure
So life can go on as before without taking much of a detour

So here’s a round of applause to all of us, because you have also done your part
How you ask, well by staying home, maintaining social distance and staying apart

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