Poem: Wildflowers

This poem came unbidden to me during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker while on a walk. I really loved the little wildflowers which bloomed during this time when the workers who are famed for keeping Singapore neat and tidy did not work. The public were thrilled with these wildflowers and after letters sent to the National Parks, they have now decided that these blooms will not be cut down in non residential areas.


I was fed up sitting inside, staring at the same four walls
When I glanced outside and saw the clear blue sky

I knew I had to get out and walk, breathe in the crisp air
I quickly masked up, as that is our new normal and went outside
And started to walk to the nearby park

On the way, I saw empty streets and lonely void decks
Deserted of the usual crowd of people, the world seen probably as small specksLimited to our own area, we are now social distancing you know
We can’t move around as before, we need to keep away, go on with the flow

As I enter the park, I see the wild grass and leaves
On the ground, fallen flowers make a vivid carpet which sway in the breeze
Peering close, I can see small patches of wildflowers
Poking their heads out, fighting to live inspite of everything

I look at these flowers as an analogy of life
In today’s world, we are fighting to survive against all odds
Just as these flowers poke their heads even under difficult conditions
So we should take inspiration from them and try to flourish in the most adverse situations

Be like the wildflower that flourishes inspite of all odds
Be like the wildflower that lives another day despite knowing it may be it’s last

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