2020 Week 30 Update

This week was like the last 16-20 weeks, in which we were all at home!

This week was quite busy in terms of work and when Friday rolled over, I was so relieved for the week to be done. BB will start school on a daily basis from tomorrow, but except for a few days in the week, it will be only for short periods of time. GG has still not heard back from her school if she has to go back. BB is quite glad to go back to school, but having to wear a mask for long periods of time is quite irritating according to him.

As for the coronavirus, I suspect Singapore has amped up testing because these days the daily numbers are higher than normal. Worldwide there has been a dramatic increase in the number of positive cases with more than 15.7 million cases reported as of yesterday. The United States leads the case list with about 4.2 million cases while Brazil follows with about 2.3 cases and India comes in at number three with 1.4 million cases. Singapore comes in at around number 42 with the number of cases touching 50 thousand.

Next week is end the end of July and we are looking to more months of staying at home. An article I read says that the earliest we can even think of travelling and life resuming to a sense of previous normalcy is sometime mid 2021. Though there have been some promising news about potential vaccines being formulated, but we should see the vaccines being available only sometime end of next year. However, the question will arise to who gets priority in getting these vaccines, but there’s still time to discuss all this later.

Anyway, stay safe people!

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