Poem: Life is not Impossible

Life is sometimes unfair,
It seems like its all despair
But then comes a time when things start to turn around
And makes you think, that maybe things are not so bad

When it’s the darkest hour before dawn and life seems a curse
When one is sure that things can’t be anymore worse
Then there’s that little voice which comes deeo from the heart
And says life is not impossible, everything is possible

If you have a dream, then go ahead to grab it
Do all you can to make it come true
Make sure every second of your life is of value
A value you set and bid troubles adieu

Transform every weakness into a strength
Gather together those who are in the same wavelength
Pursue all opportunities and mitigate threats before they occur
Plan a path to success, here’s your answer

Life is beautiful, see the beauty in everything
Everything is possible, walk your steps with a spring
Nothing is impossible as you can see
Remember you are the creator of your destiny

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