Poem: I am a Reader

As you all know I love books. I am an avid reader, though recently I feel I have not been reading as much as I used to and should do. While thinking about something else to write, I thought of books and this poem came unbidden. Maybe this is my subconscious telling me to read more.

I am a Reader

I am a reader, I live in many worlds
An adventure, romance, crime or thriller
I choose the world I want to go to
What will it be today? What would I choose?

I open the book and settle in with a contented sigh
And soon say to this world a goodbye
As I drown myself in a world full of intrigue and suspense
Heroes full of valour and villains with an air of menace

Or shall I indulge in some heady romance?
Where emotions run deep and the characters rave and rant
Or shall I take a trip to the top of the mountains or the deepest ocean?
Sitting in one place, travelling without a care or caution

I am a reader, there’s a constant movie running in my head
And so when I watch a movie, I am always upset
The film on-screen can never match up to the one in my imagination
I am disappointed yet again, go back to my books and let the magic happen

Books are special, books are magical
With books, there’s never a moment that’s not dull
Books help us know ourselves and let us roam
And all this, from the comfort of our home

So pick up a book and bid now adieu
Let the magic of the written word envelop you
And tell yourself that you too are a reader
An adventurer, a detective, a romantic and most importantly, a dreamer!

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