Poem: Mondays

I usually love Mondays, because it’s the start of the new week and a chance to do everything right. So this poem, written on Monday, no less, and posted on another Monday, shares that enthusiasm for a day that is not generally loved by everyone.


I woke up before the alarm goes off and jumped
All ready for this week to start
It’s a Monday morning and I am pumped
I get a rush of adrenaline, there’s exhilaration in my heart

I love the start of a new week
It’s the chance to rewrite your week on a clean slate
The time to create a new to-do list and maybe become a tech geek
This is the time to complete your tasks and clear your plate

And if Monday is the start of a new month and even better, a new year
That’s something that doesn’t occur frequently, so when it does
Make sure you are productive and start your week, month or year on a cheer
And when the day’s tasks are done, you end it on a high note and a buzz

So all those who get the Monday blues
Have a positive attitude and your Mondays will soon be pink
Full of energy and vitality, you live the life you choose
So maybe it’s time to revise attitudes, time for a rethink

So your Mondays are as good as your weekends
And your week runs past with productivity and flies away
With cheer that gives multiple dividends
Smiling and cheerful, you then look forward to the new Monday just a sleep away

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