2022 Week 19 Update

This was a normal week and nothing happened. GG is very busy with her internship and CCA at school. She also has started working on her statement of purpose for her university application. BB is also busy with school and this is his last semester in school, the next semester will be his internship.

It’s also the last long weekend for a while. May had a super long weekend at the beginning of the month and tomorrow is also a holiday on the occasion of Vesak Day, which happens to be today. Also known as Buddha Jayanti, Buddha Purnima and Buddha Day, Vesak Day is a holiday traditionally observed by Buddhists in South and Southeast Asia as well as Tibet and Mongolia. The festival commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha in the Theravada, Tibetan Buddhism and Navayana traditions. The name Vesak is derived from the Pali term Vesakha or Sanskrit Vaisakha for the lunar month of Vaisakha, which is considered the month of Buddha’s birth. In Mahayana Buddhist traditions, the holiday is known by its Sanskrit name Vaisakha and derived variants of it. In the East Asian tradition, a celebration of the Buddha’s birthday typically occurs around the traditional timing of Vesak, while the Buddha’s awakening and passing away are celebrated as separate holidays that occur at other times in the calendar as Bodhi Day and Nibbana Day. In the South Asian tradition, where Vesak is celebrated on the full moon day of the Vaisakha month, the Vesak day marks the birth, enlightenment, and the ultimate passing away of the Buddha. To those celebrating the festival, here’s wishing you a very happy Vesak Day or Buddha Purnima and may the teachings of Lord Buddha spread the message of universal brotherhood and compassion for everyone and may the Lord enlighten everyone on the path of love, peace and truth.

Today’s quote is from the British novelist and author of the Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis who reminds us that we are never too old to dream of something new and different. So this is a lesson for us to not stop dreaming, even when we think we are too old for it. And this is an apt quote for me as a reminder.

And on that note, Happy Vesak Day and stay safe, stay happy and always be positive.

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