Poem: Reflections of the Past Year

We’re winding down to a new year and this poem is about the reflections we usually do at this time of the year. What reflections have you done about 2022 and what are your hopes and aspirations for 2023?

Reflections of the Past Year

As the year winds down and the old start to give way to the new
Its time to take a break and look back on the year that just flew

Did everything go your way or was anything awry and absurd?
What went well, and what can be bettered?
Was there any learning this year?
Were you a better version of yourself this year?

2023 is that chance we get annually
To take stock and have another try, that’s the new year’s beauty
This year let’s do things differently,
Let us be grateful for what we have

Family and friends, work and play in perfect balance
In 2023, let our life provide us with that beautiful fragrance
Here’s hoping your life is the best one this coming year
One that brings with it all that you need and makes your troubles disappear

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