2022 Week 50 Update

Today’s quote is probably one of my favourite quotes because this quote has a beautiful lesson for us. It says that when we remain positive, it does not mean that things will become all right, but it means that no matter what happens and how things turn out, we will be fine. So this is the main lesson I am going to take with me into the new year.

Earlier this week, I saw a report that said that Mumbai’s air quality was so bad, it even beat New Delhi’s infamous winter air pollution. Mumbai’s overall air quality index or AQI surpassed 300, a threshold that qualifies the air as very poor, on four consecutive days from Dec 5 to 8 and certain days, Mumbai’s pollution levels were worse than Delhi’s. The bad air quality also saw hospitals having an increase in patients coming in with respiratory problems. The poor air quality was attributed to a lack of incoming sea breeze and unusually low wind speeds that have failed to disperse pollutants from key sources such as vehicles and industries, besides ongoing infrastructure projects and road dust suspension.

China has lifted most of its stringent COVID-19 measures and this has led to a massive outbreak which has forced parts of Beijing into voluntary quarantine, with hospitals overwhelmed, pharmacies out of cold and fever medication, and well-oiled delivery networks pushed to their limits. The rollback of curbs has not made everyone happy, with some saying the country is easing controls far too quickly.

GG has finished her mid-term exams and has holidays now till the new year, while BB has school until the end of next week, after which he will go on a break. We are thinking of doing something as a family during the break, so when things firm up, I will share.

That’s all for this week! Take care and stay safe…

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