2023 Week 11 Update

We’re back in Singapore from India and this time, my parents came back with us. My father, who is a patient with Parkinson’s Syndrome is still tired and getting used to being in Singapore. He had a harder time travelling and other than the move from Mumbai to Bengaluru, he hasn’t travelled since 2019. But, the time now is to enjoy the months we have together in Singapore before they return home.

Today’s quote is attributed to the man known as the Father of the Nation in India, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhi asks us to spare a look at sparrows who live in the moment and asks us to do the same. By living in a single moment, we don’t worry about tomorrow and the future, instead, we focus on the now and live that moment to the fullest.

GG just received her results, and though they were not what she expected, she is relieved that she has now finished her polytechnic journey. She also graduated with a minor in Basic Japanese language and this is something she plans to do more of later. She has been applying to universities and has already done one round of interviews and has another one due this week. Please send her positive energies from wherever you read this, and whichever higher faith you believe in, so she can get admission into her course of choice and hopefully, to the university of her choice.

BB is awaiting his enlistment letter and once that comes in, we will have some clarity on when his national service stint will begin and we can start planning for his university applications.

We’re still not back to full speed with life as usual but hope that this week life will go back to some semblance of normal. And on that note, take care, stay safe and talk soon!

Secondary 1 Week 44 Update

School’s out folks and BB and GG are on holidays for the next two months. 

On Thursday, BB got his report book back and as expected, with the exception of Maths, he just scrapped through the other subjects. He got a good talking to from both S and me as well as his grandparents and hopefully this next year, he will do better. 

I also went to GG’s school on Friday for her Parent Teacher Meeting and she has done quite well in school. She came second in class and all her teachers were in praise of her. Her form teacher also said he wished all his students were like her! But she also got scolded by most of her teachers for not doing as well as she could have done. She also just missed moving to the better stream by a fraction and now that we know, we’ll plan next year. 

GG also has been asked to take Maths at a higher level next year. She has to go to school next week for bridging lessons. They also have to go back to school for CCA and camp. 

Yesterday was Diwali, and we’re still in the Diwali food coma. Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali….

This update will end our secondary 1 year. From next week onwards, it’ll be just the normal weekly update until school starts again in January.