2020 Week 06 Update

Another week, and we are still in the grip of the novel coronavirus. S’ organisation has started a round the clock monitoring, which means he now has started to work in shifts!

Singapore is now on Orange according to the Dorscon Alert levels. This means the disease is severe and spreads easily from person to person, but is not widely spread in the country and is being contained. We are all praying that we do not go into the Red Zone as that will mean the disease is severe and spreading rapidly!

The children and I are mostly housebound, especially since earlier this week, there are now cases of local transmissions. This means that people who did not travel to China were infected, including a six month old baby! Some were infected by tourists from China who interacted with them during their stay here and have either been isloated in hospitals here or have left the country, while others have been infected without any contact with the till now known cases.

My heart just went out to this baby who has been isloated in a children’s hospital. His/her parents and helper have all been infected and have been isloated in various hospitals and infectious disease centres. Imagine a six month old baby, far away from their loved ones!

Since we are mostly at home, I have started reading with a vengence again! I am ahead of my reading goals for this year, but lets see how much and how long I can sustain this.

Have a great week folks! And stay safe and healthy!

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